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MacOSX Developer Setup

Developer MacOSX Shell Package Mangers

So configuring a new Mac is a right pain and a time consuming task at that, having done this several times over the past few months, I thought id write down the important content. It will be useful for myself but hopefully some else too.

The code and config files can be found here, please not this is hugely opinionated and is how I personally have my machine configured, I mostly use this repo as a scratch pad so I can remember how I configure my Mac. Its is a constantly updated and it will change as I discover new tools or setups.


Core Applications

  • Google Chrome - install instructions
    • This is an obvious one, Safari just doesn’t cut-it,
  • Atom - install instructions
    • Universal text editor and simple IDE
  • Day-0 - install instructions
    • A simple calendar widget, which allows you to view days of week from tool bar.
  • Iterm - install instructions
    • Replacement Terminal for MacOSX.
  • Docker (Install)[]
    • Container development environment of choice, remember to increase default memory size for containers.
  • xCode command-line tools, needed for many apps.
    • If you plan to use XCode as an IDE you may aswell download that as it will install the command-line tools, but if you install thenm independantly. xcode-select --install
  • HomeBrew Install Instructions
    • The missing Package manager for OS, think apt-get or yum but for osx.
    • do some updates brew tap caskroom/versions & brew update


Java Latest JDK - installing java via brew is more convenient, the install puts java in the following location: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdkXXX.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java

  • brew cask install java

Other useful tools:

  • bash-completion - brew install bash-completion
  • git - brew install git
  • SBT - brew install sbt
  • Scala - brew install scala
  • Maven - brew install maven
  • awscli - brew install awscli
  • npm - brew install npm

Generate Github SSH key

Generate a new SSh key for the Machine

Add the Public key to Github


Lets setup some useful config and shortcuts for using Git from the terminal, lets start with the base config.

Copy the .gitconfig in this repo to your home directory

> cp .gitconfig ~/.gitconfig

Then edit the .gitconfig file and replace the name & email values.

> atom ~/.gitconfig

Shell Config

If your like me and use lots frameworks and build tools, its sometimes difficult to remember all the commands to tidy up or debug. Lets add them to a shell functions file so we can access them when needed.

Copy shell functions folder .shell in this repo into your home directory.

cp -R .shell ~/.shell

Ok so now lets pimp your shell, zsh offers great auto complete and other great features not to mention it looks great too.

install oh my ZSH - install instructions

lets add some extra functionality.

  • brew install zsh-autosuggestions
  • brew install zsh-completions

Compare the .zshrc config file in this repo with the one in your home directory. There are a few tweaks and settings.

Keep checking the Repo as there may be updates, and as always your feedback is welcome.

That’s all folks,